Downtown Bangor Businesses Begin Monthly Promotion for Folks Buying Local

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - 'Buy Local' has become a common phrase during the holidays.

But businesses in downtown Bangor want to make that last all year.

Gibran Graham, Owner of The Briar Patch says, "10 on the 10th is a new marketing initiative that the Downtown Bangor Partnership has put together to encourage customers and people to come downtown and shop local."

Starting this Saturday, folks can head downtown for the first ever $10 on the10th and then every month on the 10th after that.

Graham says, "The idea is to try to spend $10 on the 10th of every month, and there will be various offers and specials and discounts at local businesses in downtown."

The buy local movement has become popular over the past few years promoting economic growth of communities through shopping with local restaurants and businesses.

Nationwide, store chains recirculate 13.6 percent of their revenue back into the community, according to research from the Civics and Economics firm.

But, independent businesses recirculate 47.7 percent back to the community.

Graham says, "Shopping local allows more of the local economy to take in dollars spent and to see that returned as well throughout the community. So, that's basically why it's important to continue to shop local."

Butter-Up Cakes is new to the downtown area.

Patrick Brady, Co-Owner of Butter Up Cakes says, "We specialize in 100 percent gluten free. We can do dairy free. We can do sugar free. We can also do vegan treats depending on what the participant really really truly needs."

The family owned business is taking part in the 10 dollars on the 10th promotion.

Brady says, "We believe in giving back to the community and just letting people try things that aren't going to be really, really expensive."

Participating businesses and their deals will be released on the Downtown Bangor Facebook page on the 9th of every month.

But we got a sneak peak at two for this Saturday.

Graham says, "At the Briar Patch, you'll receive 10 percent off any of our adult fiction and non-fiction titles."

Brady says, "We're going to do 10 mini cupcakes for the $10."

Graham says, "We hope people will make a thing of it and get together with their friends and say hey, what are you doing on the 10th?"