Dorman's Dairy Dream in Thomaston is now opening Dorman's Grill

THOMASTON, Maine (WABI) - Dorman's Dairy Dream has been a staple in the Thomaston community for decades offering over 20 flavors of ice cream.

"Since we've been around, since '51 at Dorman's Dairy Dream, we've pretty ingrained ourselves in the community, I would say. We have a good base of customers. Our customers are everything to us," said Manager of the restaurant Darryl Sanborn Jr.

But now they've opened up Dorman's Grill.

With the ice cream shop open only part of the year, the grill allows them to extend their season.

"We've always been a seasonal business. When we're closed in the winter, it's like, oh please, don't close, when are you going to open? Everyone waits, April they're just right and ready to come. You know April is usually when we open and the lines are here...We plan on opening each year in mid-February and closing mid-December."," said Co-Owner Darryl Sanborn Sr.

The menu at Dorman's Grill offers made to order lunch and dinner options.

You can learn more about the grill at Dorman's Dairy Dream on Facebook.