Don't let Valentine's Day get too hot: Watch those candles!

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - This Friday -- sparks will be flying. It's Valentine's Day, after all.

But if you plan on using candles for the holiday the National Fire Protection Association reminds you to keep safety in mind.

Candles have caused an average of nearly 8,000 house fires in recent years. That's according to the NFPA.

Those fires injure more than 700 people and cause the death of another 80 each year.

To keep the fire department away from your romantic evening keep the following advice from Jake Johnson, Public Education Officer for the Bangor Fire Department, in mind.

"First and foremost is: if you light the candle and you need to leave the room, just put it out. Pretty simple pretty easy. The other thing is, make sure when you do light a candle - regardless of whether you're going to be in the room or not - make sure there's some space around the candle so things don't catch on fire. And then just be careful around children or pets"

The NFPA recommends taking this opportunity to check smoke alarms and practice escape plans, too.