Disturbing graffiti, vandalism happening around Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Some disturbing graffiti has popped up in Bangor.

Some of it is on the side of a garage on Bolling Drive.

A neighbor tells us someone painted over a portion of it to include a swastika.

Similar graffiti was found on another nearby garage and across the street from the neighborhood in the Airport Mall parking lot.

We spoke to a person who lives near where it happened.

"It's not cheap to fix windows and cars and especially for people that are under housing and stuff. That can be really hard for them. Insurance will only cover so much. If I could help out in any way, I would. I can replace a window but I can't pay for it. And neither can half of these people out here," said Stephen O'Neil.

Residents we spoke with say there have been other form of property defacing including vehicle vandalism.

Police are investigating.