Disturbing 911 Call Released in Court Hearing for Winthrop Teen Accused of Killing Parents

Published: Oct. 25, 2017 at 7:10 PM EDT
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Andrew Balcer was 17 years old when he confessed to police last Halloween that he had stabbed his parents to death at their home in Winthrop.

The state wants Balcer tried as an adult. A hearing on that request began in Augusta on Wednesday.

According to the disturbing 911 call placed by now 18-year-old Andrew Balcer in the early morning hours of October 31st, 2016, Balcer admitted to stabbing both of his parents and his family dog.

"Were you guys arguing?" asked the dispatcher.

"No, we weren't," replied Balcer calmly.

"Okay were they sleeping?"

"Uh, yeah."

An interview with Balcer conducted by detectives following the murders details the brutality of Antonio and Alice Balcer's deaths.

Balcer says he woke his mother in the middle of the night. Upon asking if he was having a rough night, Balcer says she hugged him before returning to bed. During that embrace, Balcer says he stabbed his mother in the back and torso.

"And my father woke up to her screams. I stabbed the f*** out of him," laughed Balcer during the 911 call.

"You stabbed your mother and your father, and you're sure they're dead?" asked Dana Massey, Winthrop P.D. dispatch.

"Ah, yeah he ain't breathing. She ain't either."

Then-Winthrop police officer Tyler Nadeau describes Balcer as acting calm, yet shaking, chuckling and covered in blood upon first responding to the scene on Pine Knoll Road in Winthrop.

He says after being placed in the back of the police cruiser, Balcer joked about the many emergency calls coming in over the scanner believing the crime was a Halloween prank.

"He said, 'people think that this is a joke and that nothing happens in Maine.' Then he started laughing. He was trying to get me to joke with him and I just didn't engage him," said Nadeau.

During the interview played in court, Balcer says he remembers most of what he did that morning, but doesn't know why.

"And you're sure they're dead? Can we get help to them right now?" asked Massey.

"Uh, yeah there's no helping them," laughed Balcer.

Balcer says in the interview he spared his older brother after he had begged him not to kill him.

Antonio Balcer suffered 13 stab wounds while Alice Balcer was stabbed nine times.

The state's Chief Forensic Psychologist says she evaluated Andrew Balcer following the murders and found he felt emotionally repressed and confused about his gender identity.

"I asked him pretty directly whether he considered himself transgendered and he indicated some confusion about it but basically said that he wasn't sure he was outwardly who he was inwardly, and that he had a lot of tension and confusion about that," said Debra Baeder, State Forensic Service.

The hearing is scheduled to continue Thursday.