Discovery Museum keeps kids engaged during April vacation

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - It's April school vacation and the Discovery Museum in downtown Bangor has activities planned all week.

In their day camp students are participating in engaging learning experiences.

Organizers say it's great to keep kids minds engaged during school breaks.

Monday, kids learned about worms, how they help, how to build a farm for them and how to take care of them.

Participant Preston McLean says he learned a lot about worms. He says, "That they got right to work and that they help plants grow and make tunnels for the roots."

His younger brother, Maximus McLean says he too learned a lot. He says, "They help the soil."

Director of Education Trudi Plummer says, "Monday's camp is themed 'Good to Grow.' So, the kids have made wormeries with live worms and they were really excited about it and later this afternoon we will be planting blue potatoes."

And though the day camp is full they still have opportunities for kids and their parents to come by and learn something new each day.

For a list of daily activities and workshops you can visit

The museum will also host an admission free day on April 28th.