Despite Lack of Rain, Apple Crop Is Shaping Up Well

DIXMONT, Maine (WABI) "We have 1,700 trees and over 50 varieties of apples, so there's going to be something for everybody."

As summer winds down, apple season is upon us.

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, the apple crop gets a little sweeter.

"Crop so far looks pretty good which is encouraging for us because last year we had a real bad drought and we weren't sure how it was going to affect this years trees, and it was a cold, wet spring, and it's pretty dry again too, you know, but we are going to be fine", says Maine-ly Apples Owner, John Olsen.

Growers say there's no way to predict how the season will be weather wise, but this season is shaping up pretty well.

"With all the rain we got in the spring and keeping the apples protected so we didn't get scab and diseases, but we lucked out and they came out pretty decent."

Conant Orchards in Etna opened in 1945, and third generation owner Michael Parsons says he's seen conditions a lot worse in its 70 years.

And while the rainy days seem to be few and far between, the crop is where it needs to be.

"I've seen a difference since the weather changed at night just in the last five or six days. I go up and there and said, holy mackerel those apples are getting red and they're pretty, it's pretty as you go up through there."

Last year, there was a bumper crop of apples for many orchards, even with the drought.

But, Parsons says with a little help from mother nature, the crop will be in prime shape for customers when they take that fresh bite.

"You take a little more rain and these cool nights these apples are going to get just as red as can be."