Department of Transportation to Update Mechanics on Casco Bay Bridge

Casco Bay, Maine (WMTW) The Department of Transportation is working to update mechanics on the Casco Bay Bridge.

This, after the bridge, which connects Portland and South Portland, got stuck in the up position Monday due to a mechanical issue.

The 20 year old bridge has a life span of 75 years, but the DOT says it's mechanical parts often need replacement.

"It's really bringing in experts to find out what the best use of technology is going forward for the next 10 or 20 years. So again, structurally it's fine it's the internal components that constantly need updating ." Says MDOT Spokesperson, Ted Talbot.

The bridge isn't run by the DOT. It is actually operated by a Florida company the state hired a few years ago.

However, the state is still responsible for any repairs.