Demonstrators fill the streets of Portland in 4th day of protest

 Source: WMTW
Source: WMTW (WABI)
Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 12:56 AM EDT
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Crowds of demonstrators filled the streets of Portland Monday night. It was the fourth day of protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd of Minnesota.

Demonstrators protesting police brutality and calling for equal treatment of minorities moved all over the city. Walking from Portland police headquarters to city hall, protesters blocked streets and chanted their message. More law enforcement agencies were present, many times officers formed lines across the road. Participants say anger over long-standing issues have spilled over.

“I shouldn’t have to be afraid of being pulled over by the cops or in a cop’s presence. Cops are here to protect and serve but I shouldn't have to fear the people who are supposed to serve and protect me,” said Ayanna Stover of Wiscasset.

On Middle street, two windows and a glass door were shattered at Urban Outfitters. The glass was all over the sidewalk. Its not known at this time if anything was stolen.

A similar sight could be seen at Old Port Spirits and Cigars, where one of the already boarded up glass windows was seen shattered.

On Monday night, many Portland streets were already closed to allow for outdoor dining and retail.

Protesters in Portland did say they have plans to return Tuesday.