Democrats Launch Campaign to Take Back Control of Maine Senate

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AUGUSTA, Maine. (WABI) Democrats have launched a campaign to take back control of the Maine Senate.

Wednesday eight candidates, all women, announced they'll be running for seats in Augusta.

The Senate has been controlled by Republicans in three of the last four legislative terms.

Democratic Senator Cathy Breen says the election of 2016 was a turning point for American women.

She says women across the country accepted the challenge to lead, to run and to win, and women in Maine are doing the same.

"In response to recent events in Washington and other places, that women are coming forward and running and winning. So yes, I think women have a great advantage in 2018," SAID Breen, (D) Falmouth.

Candidates include educators, health care professionals and sitting lawmakers.

Senate President Michael Thibodeau says the Senate already benefits from the outstanding leadership of female senators and looks forward to more Republican women joining their ranks this year.