Democratic Gubernatorial Debate at Colby College

WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - It's still November 2017, but it's November 2018 that was on the minds of democrats in Waterville Monday.

Colby College Democrats, Thomas College and the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce hosted a Democratic Gubernatorial Debate Monday evening.

Held in Ostrove Auditorium on the Colby campus the focus of the evening was on revitalizing the state and how to help things grow for future generations.

With 7 candidates in attendance organizers hoped it would inspire young people to get involved.

"We are representing the Colby College body here and hopefully students across the state of Maine," said Nellie LaValle, Co-President of Colby College Democrats, "Trying to get the different issues they really care about. Colby students and college students in general should really get involved with local politics. It's part of my mission as a Maine student to get the Colby body involved in the politics of local Waterville and the gubernatorial election is part of that."

Following the event her group will continue to work with candidates she added.
Noting that the Colby College Republicans will hold a similar event around the primary election.