Deliberations Underway in Robert Burton Murder Trial

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - After a week and a half of testimony, the fate of an Abbot man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend now lies in the hands of the jury.

Deliberations began at 2 pm and will resume Thursday morning.

Closing arguments wrapped up Wednesday morning in the trial of Robert Burton.

He's charged with murder in the shooting death of Stephanie Gebo in 2015.

Much like we heard during opening statements, the state says Burton knowingly and intentionally killed Gebo and that he was a jealous and obsessive man.

State attorney John Alsop told jurors that Burton was an "intruder bent on the infliction of bodily injury," and claimed that he came into Gebo's house late at night while her children slept.

Alsop also claims that in anger and retaliation, Burton attacked and shot Gebo.

But defense attorney Hunter Tzovarras refuted those claims, maintaining that Gebo invited Burton over, that they were trying to patch up their broken relationship and that it was Gebo who tried to shoot and kill Burton.

"He was telling you yesterday that it was all a big accident. Does he call 911? Does he seek medical attention? No. He runs away," said Alsop. "This is direct evidence of his conscience, in his head, of his guilt. He knew what he had done. It wasn't self defense. He murdered Stephanie."

"She took her 9mm handgun, she fired it through the pillow, into Rob's neck. Robs lucky that he didn't die," said Tzovarras. "And if Stephanie had killed Rob that day, this very well could have been the trial of the State of Maine vs Stephanie Gebo."

If convicted, Burton faces 25 years to life in prison.