Defense In Fournier Murder Trial Points To Alternate Suspects

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Lawyers for the man charged with killing an East Millinocket teenager presented evidence in court Wednesday about his mental state.

Philip Fournier is accused of murdering 16-year old Joyce McLain in 1980.

Most of Wednesday's testimony revolved around possible other suspects in the murder, but the morning started with testimony about Fournier's mental state.

The defense's first witness included a Clinical Neuropsychologist who evaluated Fournier's brain functions, starting last September.

He says Fournier's memories of that night in August of 1980 could be inaccurate or impartial.

The defense has said Fournier's inconsistent stories through the years are due to a brain injury suffered the night McLain was killed when he crashed an oil truck.

The court also heard an audio recording between Fournier and his sister about the relationship between their mother and step-father.

Also in court Wednesday, the defense called witnesses to the stand asking about possible alternate suspects.

Former police officers involved in the initial investigation are expected to be called to testify in the coming days.

If convicted, Fournier could face life in prison.

The trial resumes Thursday.