Defense Attorney Questioning State Investigation Of Murdered Child's Mother

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CAMDEN, Maine (WMTW) - The lawyer for the Stockton Springs mother accused of murdering her 10-year-old daughter said he is questioning the state’s investigation and that his client did not abuse her daughter.

Sharon Carrillo, 33, and Julio Carrillo, 51, were arrested last Monday night in the death of Marissa Kennedy.

In an affidavit, Maine State Police said Marissa endured months of serious abuse, starting back in October, at the hands of her mother and stepfather.

Court documents say they forced Marissa to kneel on kitchen tiles and raise her hands above her head while they repeatedly struck her in the abdomen and ribs with a belt.

State police said the parents often locked the girl in a closet, and she would scream for an extended period of time.

“Significant public and nonpublic information has been brought to my attention over the last few days, and even over the weekend, calling into question the original version of facts put out by the state police in the affidavit they filed with the court,” Sharon Carrillo’s lawyer, Chris MacLean said Monday.

MacLean alleges Sharon Carrillo is also a victim of abuse and has bruises on her body.

“It has become increasingly clear that Sharon did not participate in any way in the physical abuse of Marissa,” MacLean said.

He said he was asking state police for the audio and video of Sharon Carrillo’s interrogation.

“The information I have learned is extraordinary and paints a very different situation about what happened than the public has been led to believe, and more information about this will be coming out in the coming days and weeks,” MacLean said.

A lawyer for Julio Carrillo confirmed Thursday that Sharon Carrillo is seven months pregnant. The baby is due in May.

The Carrillos lived in Bangor before moving to Stockton Springs.

According to a police log from August of 2016 to 2017, Bangor police visited the Carrillos' former apartment multiple times.

The logs document a mental health problem, citizen dispute and three welfare checks.