Deer Isle and Stonington students visited by favorite cafeteria workers

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DEER ISLE, Maine (WABI) - Students around the state are getting access to free meals in various ways now that schools are closed; Folks in Deer Isle and Stonington are bussing them to each student’s house.

Cafeteria workers at Deer-Isle Stonington Elementary School are making 700 meals a day - 350 for breakfast and 350 for lunch.

They load them onto school buses, then drivers drop them off along their normal routes.

School officials say the reaction from students is what makes it all worth it.

Tara McKechnie, Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School, said, "The staff doing the delivering tell us kids are waving to them from the windows and so happy to see them. It’s I think a little piece of school while they’re at home.”
“It’s a very good feeling to know that they’re getting something. A lot of them depend on what we’re doing and families right now are struggling,” added Sheila Nebells with Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School.

The school plans to continue doing this until kids return to class.