Day one of trial of man accused of killing his sister-in-law underway in Bangor

Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 11:58 AM EST
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Testimony is underway in the trial of the Hampden man accused of shooting and killing his sister-in-law.

56-year-old Philip Clark has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Renee Clark in July of 2018.

Opening statements by the prosecution and defense were made Friday morning in a courtroom in Bangor.

Prosecutors addressed the jury saying that Philip Clark admitted to killing Renee.

Defense lawyers didn't argue that fact.

In fact, they say Philip Clark did pull the trigger of the gun that killed Renee but that his actions were primal and done in a crazed rage.

"Philip Clark shot at Renee 7 to 8 times until he emptied the gun and then he reloaded and he wanted to do it again. 7 more times. 7 more shots until she fell on the bed and stopped moving and you'll hear that he hit her with almost every bullet he fired. In his own words you'll hear him say, 'I kept pulling the trigger until I killed her," Lisa Bogue, Asst. Attorney General told the court.

Defense attorney Logan Perkins stated: "He shot her. He pulled that trigger in a blind rage. You will hear that Phil said, he described it as he just saw red. He went to some primal place and he did, he pulled that trigger and he pulled it and pulled it and pulled it which is consistent with this extreme rage."

The prosecution called the first witness in the case, Jason Richards. He is the detective with the Maine State Police discovered Renee's body.

Renee's family filled the courtroom, obviously emotional as proceedings got underway.

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