Day of ice fishing turns into unusual eagle rescue in Sullivan

SULLIVAN, Maine (WABI) - Two ice fishermen on Flanders Pond in Sullivan have a catch you have to see to believe.

Tyler Strasenburgh of Blue Hill and Pat Brown of Hermon saved a bald eagle in distress Monday.

This was the first time for both of them to ice fish there.

Strasenburgh says he noticed a dark spot on the pond and when he got closer to it, he realized it was an eagle.

Brown took off his coat and covered the bird to keep it warm.

The two then called game wardens and stayed near the eagle until help arrived.

They think the bird might have been in a fight with coyotes Sunday night, considering the animal tracks all around it.

Strasenburgh says, "We just picked a place to go. We were just at the right place at the right time because no one else showed up out here. So we don't think it would've made it if we didn't see it."

Brown says, "Makes me proud to be an American for sure you know the American eagle you know is the national bird, obviously. So it's a great respect to America I feel. Like I said it was meant to be.>

The eagle was alert the whole time the guys were with it.

They say game wardens took it to Avian Haven Rehabilitation Center in Freedom and believe it's going to survive.

Besides the rescue, it turned out to be a good day for ice fishing, too.

They caught some pickerel during their trip and Brown even snatched a rainbow trout.