Day Three for Convicted Murderer Sanborn Continues Thursday

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PORTLAND, Maine (WMTW) Convicted murderer Anthony Sanborn continues to fight for his freedom as day three of his post conviction review gets underway Thursday.

Wednesday, boxes of case files,notes, and photos that were discovered in the private residence of the lead detective Jim Daniels were front and center.

Daniels denies any wrong-doing, and explained that detectives often make copies of case files to study at home.

He explained what he did when he realized there were original files among the mix.

"The boxes related to this case were brought back, when? At the end of April. They were first brought back, when I found them, they were immediately brought back. I immediately reported to the attorney general's office that I found some original reports in a box, that I thought were notes. They said give them back to the police department and I did so." Said Daniels.

This hearing is expected to go two and a half weeks.