Darling's delivers ice cream to Northern Light Health in Brewer

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 4:02 PM EDT
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Darling's Ice Cream for a Cause truck made a rare appearance Tuesday morning.

The truck rolled into the parking lot of Northern Light Health Cancer Care Center in Brewer.

During a normal summer, officials say they would have been at around 100 events already in the year..

Before Tuesday, because of the pandemic, the truck had only been to one - and that was at the dealership..

So in an effort to do some good during a tough time, Darling's will be donating the sweet treats for patients and their families.

Then they can enjoy it while they are being cared for at the facility

"We want to share the ice cream," said Gary Bellefleur, Darling's Ice Cream for a Cause. "We want to make people smile even during the pandemic. So, this is a perfect way of doing that."

"Some people may think that's minor, how could ice cream make a difference," said Jennifer Lloyd, Northern Light Health Foundation. "As someone who has walked the road facing cancer and knowing many people that do it's amazing how a small thing can provide a lot of help. And I am confident our patients are going to be very happy when they know that a free treat is available to them while they are doing the treatment."

The ice cream will be stored at the facility.

Darling's will return with more as needed.