Darling's Ice Cream truck offers kids free ice cream and books

Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 4:24 PM EDT
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The Darling's Ice Cream truck left its headquarters to stop by the Bangor Housing Authority where dozens of kids were waiting for ice cream.

The truck makes hundreds of trips per year and gives out free ice cream to anyone in the community.

"So this is how Darling's gives back to our community. We usually sell cars all around the state. And this is just our way of helping out the communities that we serve," said Gary Bellefleur, Ice Cream Ambassador.

But today's visit offered more than just ice cream, free books were given out to help with the kid's summer reading program.

"Today is a very special day because it's our half way point through our smarter summer program at the Boys and Girls Club in Bangor. We have literacy volunteers here. During the Boys and Girls Club summer camp we have a lot of literacy and reading components to our days. It's really important for kids to be learning throughout the summer," said Hannah Boutin, Boys and Girls Club Program Director.

These books were donated at a book drive Darling's held earlier this summer.

These kids are learning all about the importance of reading.

Visits like today's are reminders for how important helping kids in the summer can be.

"It's really rewarding honestly, like you could have the worst day and then as soon as you get in the truck and you see all the kids, 'aww ice cream,' no one's upset to see you. You just go give out ice cream everyone's happy and it just warms your heart at the end of the day," said Nicole Majewski, an Ice Cream Ambassador.