Cumberland Motor Club returns to Loring Airforce Base

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LIMESTONE, Maine (WABI)- Some parts of Aroostook county saw some rain Sunday, but that didn't slow down anyone at the autocross event at Loring Airforce Base.

Cumberland Motor Club was happy to be back in Aroostook County again for this event.

The president of the club says there's so much fascinating history behind the air force base- it just adds to the event even more.

"It's really kind of epic event for us.” says Russ Drazek, of Cumberland Motor Club. “This is what we refer to us as our Mega Autocross, the airfield is so much bigger than the lots we use in the southern parts of the state, we have a much longer course and it's much faster and offers a unique experience that we don't get to have elsewhere and the former Loring Air Force Base is very interesting to me personally as a piece of Cold War History. It's fascinating to see the buildings and understand what they did here and how they operated it."

Autocross events are set up all over Maine for drivers to put their driving abilities to the test from a day-to-day car to a muscle car.

Any car could run the obstacle courses set up during these events.