Culturefest gathers food, fun, and friendships world-wide

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ORONO, Maine (WABI)- Folks had the chance to explore a world of culture at the University of Maine Recreation Center in Orono.

The UMaine Office of International Programs hosted its 32nd Culturefest, inviting the public to learn about the cultures of people from around the world, and in their own communities.

Over 50 tables allowed volunteers from all continents to talk about their cultures and countries.

This event is the perfect place to try out a variety of unique foods, clothes, and meet a diverse group of great people who are excited to share their traditions.

“It takes weeks and weeks to prepare this,” says Orlina Boteva, the Dir. of International Programs at The University of Maines. “A lot of our student volunteers cooked all day yesterday, all night, and this morning. They’re so excited to be here. People who have never met in our community whether they’re from Maine or around the U.S. or around the world, get to talk to each other and bond and create relationships.”

For those who missed out, the Office of International Program will be hosting a Dance Festival at the university in February.