Croquet tournament returns to Woodlawn Museum

ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) - A tournament that draws in people from all around the world is back in Ellsworth this weekend.

Alyssa Thurlow caught up with the pros taking part in the Woodlawn Invitational Croquet Tournament.

They tell her there's plenty of strategy that goes into what they do.

"It's like playing billiards on a putting green,” explained Charles Alexander, who’s been playing for over a decade.

The game of croquet can be challenging for some, but these guys have it down.

They're playing in the annual Woodlawn Invitational Croquet Tournament.

It's a six wicket USCA sanctioned tournament.

"We're playing 12 games over 3 days each, and there will be 2 playoff games,” said schedule coordinator, Don Parker.

The pros on this court say there is plenty of strategy that goes into the game, however the object is simple.

"The name of the game is to make wickets in a timed game and get more wickets than your opponents,” said Alexander. “When you hit a ball you have two extra shots so you want to hit another ball. You're always playing with a partner so you want to stay next to your partner so you can hit your partner and go wreak havoc with your opponents."

"In the 6 wicket game the wickets are very tight compared to your backyard croquet,” explained Parker. “The ball clears the wicket by a 1/16 of an inch, and as you can see, we play on a bent grass court that's very smooth so, it's quite different than playing in your backyard."

The season has just begun for these players.

They'll hit the green again in September for the annual Big Lobster Invitational, and of course, these pros will be ready.

The tournament ends on Sunday. Spectators are welcome.