Crews responding to outages and slick roads on Sunday

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The Bangor area was busy preparing for this weekend's ice storm on Sunday.

"At this point most of the precipitation has seemed to be rain. But we're still keeping an eye on things if it changes over to freezing rain, if the temperature drops the roads are going to start to freeze, we have crews on stand by we can call back out," said Paul Merrill, Maine DOT Spokesperson.

Throughout the morning, drivers said the roads weren't as bad as expected, but they were prepared.

"We got some buckets of salt and we made sure to leave early but surprisingly enough there was no ice which is pretty great so I'm very happy about that," said Kat Cordon of Stetson.

"For us it's been no problem what so ever. We were kind of looking at temperatures and seeing that it's still around 34-35 degrees and it wasn't going to be icy. So we decided to make the trip over here and get some breakfast. But we had planned on really hunkering down for the whole day we thought it was going to be icy and a mess," said John Holyoke of Brewer.

Temperatures are continuing to drop throughout the day Sunday, but Maine DOT says the roads can still freeze at even warmer temps.

"The air temperature doesn't have to be below freezing for the roads to freeze. In some conditions you know the frost can come up the road and even if you're car thermometer is reading 37-38 degrees, it can still be icy on the roads," said Merrill.

Power outages affected thousands of Mainers in the region.

"Be prepared for maybe a few hours depending on what the damage is. But just try to stay warm and make sure if you're using generators you're using them by the manufacturer's guides. And if you don't have to go out on the roadways you know as the temperatures decrease and the conditions may worsen just make sure you stay in and just try to stay warm," said Amanda Cummings, Emera Maine Spokesperson.