Crews Respond to Fire in Brooklin

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BROOKLIN, Maine (WABI) Shortly after 11 o’clock, firefighters were called to Flye Point Road in Brooklin for a house fire. The building was used as lodging for the Lookout Inn.

“The owner of the building was trying to thaw some pipes under the deck with a heater and unfortunately the sill caught fire and it spread into the walls in the building,” said Assistant Chief Tom Morris.

Sedgwick, Blue Hill, and Deer Isle all came to the aid of the Brooklin department. Morris says the flames spread quickly once the fire was started.

“We had our truck too close to the fire. We didn't think it would spread that much so after it spread we had to pull the equipment back which created a bit of delay but the attic was pretty much fully involved at that point anyway.”

Firefighters prepared hoses for an outside attack, but that wasn't always the case as low temperatures proved a hindrance in today's fight.

“We've had issues with water supply we’ve had some frozen hydrants at some of our ponds so we had to try several places for water supply.”

Morris says that if you need to defrost pipes, be sure you are taking extra caution.

“He was using a space heater so even those can create too much heat and set particularly older wood construction on fire. And in a building like this that's older with the balloon frame construction it just gets up through the walls and into the attic and spreads faster than we can get to.”

The main building for the inn was not damaged. No one was hurt, but the building had to be torn down by an excavator due to the extent of the damage.