Crews Called Out Three Times to Northport House Fire

NORTHPORT, ME (WABI)- Fire destroyed a house in Northport.

Crews were first called to Parkinson Lane around 7 Sunday night.

They would end up returning two more times.

"Homeowner had apparently noticed smoke earlier in the evening and didn't want to bother us," says Northport Fire Chief Paul Rooney.

Around 7 Sunday night, she heard some crackling. When the homeowner went to investigate, she found her home was on fire.

"As soon as she saw the fire, she grabbed her dog, she got out and called us," says Chief Rooney.

Crews arrived to a home engulfed in flames. A metal roof created challenges as well as the one-way private, dirt road leading to the house.

"We were fortunate in that we had a hydrant down at the end of the road but obviously the narrow road, you can only have one truck on the road at a time," explains the chief. "So that limited how fast we could get water."

Firefighters spent more than seven hours battling the flames.

"Everyone that turned out, we worked them hard to the point of exhaustion," Chief Rooney says.

But just one hour after crews cleared, they were back again for a flare up.

"We put another 1,000 gallons on it and then went home," the chief says.

But not for long. Around 7 Monday morning, firefighters heard the tone to come out for a third round.

This time, they called in an excavator. Chief Rooney says he's thankful no one was hurt.

As for what caused the fire-"Our best guess is somewhere around the wood stove or chimney," he says.

It's believe the homeowner does have insurance.