Bangor City Councilors hear new jail proposal

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Overcrowding at the Penobscot County Jail is just one reason why some are pushing to build a bigger facility.

Those who work at the there as well as Penobscot County Commission Chair Peter Baldacci sat down with City Councilors to discuss their plans.

They've hired WBRC Architects and Engineers to help with the design that'll make room for about 250 inmates.

Baldacci said preliminary plans currently show a 45 million dollar price tag, but they're still looking into lowering costs.

Baldacci said, "This will be the largest capital project in Penobscot County history. We don't want to feel rushed and it was feeling that this was more complicated. So, we are now looking at a June referendum {of} 2020."

Councilor Dan Tremble said, "The biggest deal is whatever they come up with it has to pass a countywide referendum. So, the people of the county really need to be on board with paying for a new jail which isn't an easy sell at any cost".

They had plans to build the new jail behind the current one in downtown Bangor, but they're now looking into building on the former YMCA property. A councilor had concerns with the location.