Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue: Meet Ronnie

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LAMOINE, Maine (WABI)- Today we have Ronnie from the Cottontail Cottage up for adoption.

Ronnie is a dutch mix and is roughly two years old.

Anyone interested in adopting a rabbit must keep in mind their specific diet. Hay, pellets and green vegetables are crucial to a rabbit's diet.

However, lettuce like romaine red leaf, green leaf are acceptable, not ice burg lettuce. It is recommended to feed a rabbit two cups for every six pounds.

If you are going to feed your rabbit pellets it is recommended to give them one quarter of a cup for every six pounds.

Fruits like strawberries, banana's and pears and suggested if you want to give your rabbit a treat. Be sure to cut them into small pieces so they can be digested as rabbits have very sensitive stomachs.

For more information on adopting a rabbit from the Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue you can visit them on Facebook or a