Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue: Meet Nevin!

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LAMOINE, Maine (WABI) - Betsy Migliore from Cottontail Cottage in Lamoine has a bunny up for adoption.

Nevin is a very small Polish bunny. He is litter box trained and is 7 years old; however, many of these bunnies do live well beyond that even into their early teens.

Nevin is active and playful and very loving. He would make an excellent house rabbit and is available for adoption.

Cottontail Cottage does have a surrender program for anyone who wants or needs to give a bunny away. There is a wait list for the program. Anyone interested can contact Cottontail Cottage on their Facebook page or send them and email at

There is a recommended donation to surrender a bunny to support the rabbit while it is at the rescue including costs for spay and neuter.

For more information and to see the wide variety of rabbits available visit their Facebook page or website at