Convicted killer still on the run

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Convicted killer Arnold Nash remains on the run.

He escaped from the Mountain View Correctional Facility in Charleston Thursday.

Authorities say he's to be considered very dangerous.

Nash was serving 45 years for murder and robbery.

Officials say this is his third time escaping from prison.

This time around, Nash was about a year away from being released.

Corrections Commissioner Dr. Joseph Fitzpatrick says that the reason he was in a lower-security facility is because the goal there is to reintegrate prisoners back into society.

"Part of the mission of the department of corrections is, to the best of our ability, mitigate the risk before we return people to the community," says Fitzpatrick. "So I can tell you that Mr. Nash would have been more of a risk to the community had we kept him in a secure facility up until his last day and then dropped him back into whatever community he was returning to."

If you think you've seen Arnold Nash or have any information on where he might be call Maine State Police at 973-3700.