Contestants Compete In Treadmill Dance-Off To Send Kids To Summer Camp

ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) 10 contestants in Ellsworth, all vying for the crown.

This isn't "So You Think You Can Dance," but these stars are dancing for a good cause.

On a treadmill.

Robin Clarke is a fitness instructor at the Y-M-C-A in Ellsworth and the D-J behind this one of a kind fundraiser.

She says, "This started out as a joke between a couple of my running friends, and someone mentioned on Facebook that it should be a fundraiser and I jumped at it. 10 contestants got sponsored by themselves or their employer to raise $50 and they dance on a treadmill. We've had a really diverse crowd."

And these contestants don't hold back.

She says, "We've had a full piece leather outfit. We had a cute little 73-year-old cowgirl. She was adorable and did the Boot Scootin' Boogie, Gangnam's been amazing."

All their dancing dollars are helping kids go to Camp Discovery, a summer camp that helps kids explore the outdoors and learn new skills.

Roman Perez, Camp Discovery Director says, "They get to enjoy what Maine is about, the state that they live in. So, you're basically investing in those children."

Dancers say busting moves on a treadmill is a little more difficult than your average non-moving floor, but helping kids is worth the three minutes.

Kris Garcia, a contestant says, "It's just for a good cause and I figured if I don't have the dance moves, I can just come in looking crazy and ridiculous and just have a little fun."

The voting is all up to you!!

Voting is open Tuesday through March 15th.

You can view all the contestants and vote by visiting DEFY Treadmill Contest Videos and Votes 20-18 on Facebook.

You can also donate to Camp Discovery online at