Construction continues to strain downtown Hallowell businesses

Published: Aug. 22, 2018 at 5:55 PM EDT
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Ongoing construction has led to a tough stretch for Downtown Hallowell business owners.

"It's been a little hard," says Malley Weber, owner of Hallowell Clay Works. "I think there's people who come up every year and want to spend time in Hallowell, and it's just been challenging. It's confusing where the crosswalks are. They're doing the best they can, I know that, but it's still a little confusing."

Construction recently moved to the west side of Water Street, where Hallowell Clay Works is located.

"The sidewalks are still open," says Weber. "Everybody's still open as far as I know. Things have slowed down quite a bit on this side, but we're hoping that people remember us."

Weber is using this construction as an opportunity to improve her store.

"It's been a little rough as a shop owner," says Weber. "They're digging giant holes right in front. The steam roller comes through and shakes some things. So, we've been taking this opportunity to spruce up the place."

Through it all, Weber remains positive.

"I think we're a very creative and resilient town, and people are going to figure out how to make it work no matter what," says Weber."

The construction on the west side of the street will continue until October and most of the construction is scheduled to be completed by mid-November.