Congresswoman Pingree releases statement about President Trump's address to nation

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Washington, D.C.(WABI)- “Nothing President Trump said demonstrates that this wall is anything more than a monument to himself. It only serves to divide us and distract us from the important discussions we need to have about immigration reform, the treatment of those seeking asylum in our great country, and the best way to allocate resources to secure our nation from within and without.

“The real crisis we need to address is one of President Trump’s own making—a government shutdown that has now finished its 18th day. We have 800,000 federal workers worried about making ends meet, families wondering whether they will get help next month to put food on the table, and an American public losing faith in whether their government will be open for business on any given day.

“Last week, House Democrats gave the Senate and President what they need to reopen the government—passing a spending package with significant bipartisan consensus —and make way for a meaningful debate on immigration and border security. This week we are doing it again. I urge the President to put the American people first and end his shutdown.”

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