Congressman Bruce Poliquin Back In Maine After Virginia Amtrak Crash

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Earlier this week Congressman Bruce Poliquin suffered a few minor bruises after an Amtrak train hit a truck in Virginia.

One man in the truck was killed, six others were injured. None of those on the train was seriously hurt.

Lawmakers including Poliquin on the train were heading to a GOP retreat when the train collided with a garbage truck at a railroad crossing.

The accident happened about 110 miles southwest of Washington.

The impact from the collision actually forced the garbage container off the bed of the truck, spewing trash everywhere, which Poliquin recalled when we spoke to him Saturday here in our studio.

He says initially they thought it could have been something else.

“Thought it might’ve been a bomb and concern of course is that rain was this train was now completely disabled. In the middle of the country side of Virginia with about 400 I’m guessing 300 or 400 people on the train and a potential real target so that’s a concern but, when we found out it was something else when your mind goes to help those who are in trouble.”

He said many of the lawmakers were are also doctors and medical professionals sprang to action once they figured out they were involved in an accident.