Company in Talks with Verizon Wireless to Continue Service for Some Washington Co. Customers

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Maine (WABI) - A company that brings wireless service to Down East Maine is trying to help customers in Washington County who are getting cancellation notices from Verizon Wireless.

Wireless Partners out of Portland is the network operator in the area that provides service through Verizon.

The head of the company says some customers in Washington County got word this week their plans were being cut - without warning.

No word on exactly how many people are affected, but the notices seemed to be directed at those who've over-used data.

Three years ago Wireless Partners teamed up with Verizon to expand service along Route 9.

CEO Bob Parsloe says:

"We've made multi-million dollars in investments in these markets to bring out service where nobody ever brought out service. So to say you're going to take service for folks that have been waiting forever for reasonable service - both voice and broadband - just seems to be a leap backwards. So we remain committed and we're looking for a solution."

Parsloe adds customers who are getting notices should contact Verizon directly or go back to where they bought the service plan.