College welcome weekend brings in the next generation of teachers

Published: Aug. 31, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT
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UMaine Farmington is welcoming incoming freshman this weekend, and Governor Mills was there to welcome the next generation of teachers.

More than 400 freshman are moving in Saturday, and preparing for the next stage of their education.

"We're hoping that many of them are here because they want to be teachers. And we need more teachers in Maine. We welcome them, that's why we've put a lot more money in the budget for education, about a $111 million dollars more for public education. These people are our future, these young people are our future teachers," said Governor Mills.

"It's a critical need, as I think most people know there's a dire teacher shortage. But we're very excited to be changing the message and the culture around education," said Pender Makin, the state's Education Commissioner.

"I've always loved kids, I've always had an interest in it. And it didn't really cross my mind at first but then I realized. It's pretty obvious, I'm around them all the time and I have a lot of experience with them. So I figured might as well keep it going," said Education major Emily Cheney.

"I'm thinking maybe like preschool? I don't know I just like kids and just thought it might be fun," said Education major Kiara Tibbets.