College of the Atlantic's Fall Farm Day

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MT. DESERT, Maine (WABI) “It's a really beautiful, sustainable food system that we have going on so I think sharing that as much as possible is important.”

Beech Hill Farm in Mt. Desert played host to College of the Atlantic’s annual Fall Farm Day.

“Generally, it’s meant to bring out all the students from the college to the farm and the focus is for first years just because we like to get everybody to experience the farm at least one time.”

The event gives students a tour of the farm and an idea of what the local food systems are like.

“Not all of the students that are here are going to wind up being farmers. But they will at least come away with a really intimate understanding of what food is all about, what's in their food, where it comes from, how it’s processed, how it’s healthy, how it’s not healthy.”

Folks at the college say Maine is a hub for agriculture and it is important for the younger generation to learn more about farming.

“Instead of farmer’s ages getting older as the common age of being a farmer, it’s getting younger so we're finding a lot of people my age and eve just a bit older are becoming farmers in Maine.”

Students were treated to a meal made with food grown right on the farm. There were also speakers including C-O-A graduate Chellie Pingree who spoke on the importance of sustainability and healthy food.

“You better be a good farmer, but you better also be an entrepreneur. You have to have that entrepreneurial spirit and so that's something we want to imbue on all of our students.”