Colby College celebrates 2019 commencement

WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - More than 400 Waterville Students are saying goodbye to the classroom as they celebrate graduation.

Over four-hundred students tossed their hats and are closing a big chapter of their life.

Colby College hosted its 198th commencement ceremony.

"The Colby community. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime here. Met so many amazing professors, faculty, staff, you name it. It's all been super helpful in my journey here."

Colby is the 12th-oldest private liberal arts college in the country.

Students come from all over the state and more than 70 countries to participate in their academic programs.

"If you're interested in finding a subject that excites you and meeting faculty that are ready to help you along the way, then Colby is the place for you."

Award-winning producer and writer David E. Kelley, a Waterville native was the commencement speaker.

"Be happy and make something grow. Class of 2019, onward and upward."

One graduate has a big dream that he plans on accomplishing.

"I just fell in love with the cancer part of cell biology and how cancer cells are formed and I fell it is a challenge to me that that would be my gift to the universe to figure out a cure for cancer, that is my dream."

Another graduate who is from Maine has a job lined up thousands of miles away.

"I actually have a position as an English teaching assistant in Austria. So, ill be in the Alpes for a year teaching English. I have been teaching everybody about Maine over there. So, I am going to be leaving Maine for a little while but hoping to come back at some point and give back to the state that has given me so much."

While many are excited to enter the workforce, they have some advice for folks thinking of attending college.

"Never stop asking questions, there is so much to explore."

"Do your best to meet people."

"Be yourself, don't be afraid to speak up. Find something that makes you feel good and that will help you gain the confidence to do anything you need in life."