Closing of Macy's and K-Mart Causes Concern for Salvation Army

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) You've seen them. The red kettles and bell ringers outside of stores throughout the holiday season, raising money for the Salvation Army.

This year, after the closing of a few key stores in the Bangor area, the Salvation Army is worried about reaching their goal.

Rebecca Kirk, Captain of the Bangor Salvation Army says, "We have a goal of raising $155,000 in the Bangor area this year."

But a big concern for the Salvation Army is the loss of two of their major kettle locations in front of the now-closed Macy's and K-Mart.

Kirk says, "Those two locations raised $23,000 for us."

The loss of retailers means less traffic, but the Salvation Army still has a goal to reach.

Kirk says, "We still need to raise that money. Our kettles are still all over the place, and we just want to make awareness of the community that it's important when you pass a kettle that you think of all the work that the Salvation Army is doing in the Bangor area."

That work is year round.

Kirk says, "Money in our red kettle sends kids to camp, it provides food bags for our neighbors, it helps meet rent and heating assistance, it keeps our Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen feeding meals six days a week. I mean, there's just so many things that the Salvation Army is doing all year in Bangor."

In addition to money, you can also donate your time.

Kirk says, "One of the ways we're asking people to help us meet our goal this year is just to give a little bit of time on a kettle. Whether it's a couple of hours, whether they can give us a little bit more, stand with your family, stand with your friends. People who can do music on stands is always great. But, just giving some of their time to stand for us is just a huge help."

Kirk says she has hope that they will reach their goal.

She says, "We've never not made our goal. Our community is just overwhelmingly generous to us, and so we just want them to be mindful of the loss of those locations but in a way that causes them to just be more active when they do pass the stands that we have."

To volunteer with the Bangor Salvation Army you can call 941-2990.

To donate online to the Salvation Army you can visit: