Closing Arguments Wrap Up in East Millinocket Murder Trial

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Joyce McLain went out for a run in August of 1980 and never returned home. Her body was found a few days later behind Schenck High School.

Now, after an 11 day trial, the fate of the man accused of killing her lies in the hands of a Bangor judge.

"Mama, I know what I've done. I killed Joyce McLain."

This confession is the cornerstone of the State's case against Philip Fournier.

He's accused of killing 16-year-old Joyce McLain of East Millinocket more than 37 years ago.

"The lack of DNA tying this defendant, or anyone for that matter, to Joyce McLain's murder doesn't change what this defendant said to his mother."

In closing arguments, prosecutors claimed Fournier confessed to his pastor and parents in the 80's that he was responsible for McLain's murder.

Fournier was questioned many times through the years, giving conflicting reports to police, but according to prosecutors, he has never recanted those statements.

"You know, an easy guy to pick on. The guy with the brain injury. The guy who had made compromised statements in the past."

Fournier's lawyers argued the State has based their case on a small portion of a very complex, decades long investigation.

"And when you myopically focus on one individual, with the exclusion of 38 years of evidence, you leave a lot out... What the state has done is force a round peg into a square hole."

"They can't connect him to anything forensically. They can't connect him with eyewitnesses. They can't put him at the scene."

The Defense introduced several alternative suspects throughout the trial who they say might have been responsible for McLain's death.

But the State refuted those claims, pointing to evidence, proven alibis, and Fournier's knowledge of the crime scene.

"Did you have sex with her? No, because it was that time of the month. He knew that because he was there."

While the McLain family has spent years searching for justice for Joyce, the Defense says we may never know all the answers.

"Doubts will linger about this case regardless of what happens."

It's expected the judge will take several weeks to deliver a verdict.