Cleaning out your computer's software and hardware makes a huge difference

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Monday is national clean out your computer day.

And folks from Computer Essentials in Bangor have a few tips to get started.

Going through old files, word documents and anything else on your desk top will immediately clear up space.

Emptying your trash will also help your computer run faster.

And uninstalling programs you don't need will do the same.

They also recommend going beyond just cleaning out your computers software.

"Another thing I'd suggest actually if you want to take it a step further is to open up your computer and blow it out. Dust, because dust also helps slow down your computer. Components get filled with dust and hair, dirt whatever. Processors start to get hotter, they'll slow down," said Bunker Herbest, Owner of Computer Essentials.

If you are going to clean out your computer's hardware, he recommends bringing it to a professional to avoid damaging it.