Clam shortage affecting local businesses

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PENOBSCOT, Maine (WABI) - A significant clam shortage is having an affect on businesses around the area.

Bagaduce Lunch in Penobscot is one of them.

We're told a lot of rain through the Spring caused red tides.

During a red tide, clam flats are closed.

"With all the rain, we get two inches, they have to shut down, and with that, if they can't dig, then there's no supply. When they can dig again, it drives the price up, and there aren't that many clams going around. Plus, we heard that Massachusetts is closed, and with that being closed, they're buying from up here. So, right now, gallons of clams, the price is through the roof," said Abby Astbury.

For now, the restaurant is offering clams in smaller sizes to help with the supply.

They say this has lead people into buying other items which is always a good thing as well.