City of Rockland considering eminent domain for piece of property that crosses road

ROCKLAND, Maine (WABI) - The City of Rockland is considering invoking eminent domain for a piece of land near Harbor Park.

The land in question covers part of the road that connects Harbor Park to Buoy park.

The Rockland Planning Board rejected a proposal by the property owner to build a new restaurant on the grounds...

They say it would block traffic and place a burden on public facilities.

Now the city is working to gain ownership of the road.

City manager Thomas Luttrell says, "It always can be appealed to the courts. But what we have to do is we're working on an appraisal of that property and then it's going to be broken out for the part that we want to purchase which would be the roadway. And we have to offer fair market value or fair price for the roadway. And the owners can either accept it or reject it and then we go from there."

We were unable to reach the property owner for comment.