City Council to discuss a proposal on the removal of a Bangor Monument

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - City Officials in Bangor are considering removing a 20-year-old monument on the Bangor Waterfront.

It comes as communities across the country take down memorials to some historic figures.

The concrete cross and foundation honors Estevan Gomez who was a Portuguese Explorer.

Gomez was considered the first explorer from Europe to sail up the Penobscot River around 500 years ago.

But historical accounts say he went on to capture 50 Indigenous people in an attempt to sell them into slavery.

The Tribal Ambassador for the Penobscot Nation went before the city Council this week and raised concerns about the monument.

"As far as the monument, I don't think it should go away, I think it should be put into a museum or in a historical society or something like that. With the whole story told so that we're not erasing history, were showing the full scope of history, so that we're all knowledgeable about our realities of everyone that lives here," said Maulian Dana, the Tribal Ambassador for Penobscot Nation.

Maulian Dana says tribal members about been concerned about the memorial for years.

The City Council plans to hold a meeting on July 6th to discuss a proposal from the Penobscot Nation to remove the memorial.