Citizen's Hearing focuses on new proposed rollbacks on EPA policies

Published: Aug. 28, 2018 at 10:38 PM EDT
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A group of Mainers turned out at the Bangor Public Library Tuesday night for a Citizen's Hearing.

The hearing titled Maine Speaks on Climate and Cars was an opportunity for people to talk more about recent Environmental Protection Agency proposals.

In late July, the EPA released a proposal to roll back the "clean car" fuel efficiency standards.

Speakers including doctors, public health officials, professors and local leaders all described how they think the rollback harms Maine people.

It was followed by public comment from community members.

Doctor Noah Nesin, VP Medical Affairs, PCHC says, "We're concerned about the impact on the things that we love about Maine, which is the natural beauty of Maine, our outdoor activities. And climate affects of droughts, intense storms, decreased snow packs year after year and things like the increase of lime disease due to global warming."

The proposals are in formal public comment period, the transcript from Tuesday night's meeting in Bangor will be officially submitted to the EPA.