Challenger Learning Center: Milk Sculptures

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Kirsten Hibbard is back with another Challenger Learning Center experiment. Today we are building our own milk sculptures.

All you need is milk and vinegar. Warm a cup of milk in microwave safe bowl for 5 minutes. Add 4 teaspoons of vinegar to the milk and stir. After stirring, pour the contents of the bowl through a strainer to separate the curds and whey. Once the curds are warm to the touch, start to kneed the solid into a ball. Now you will be able to form the mixture into any sculpture you want. Leave the creation on a plate for 48 hours to harden.

The science:

Adding the vinegar to the milk changes the milks acidity. This causes the casein molecules in milk to unfold and reorganize into a long chain. This solid is know as Milk plastic or casein plastic, which is created by changing the pH of milk. This was commonly used in the 1900's.

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