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BANGOR, Maine. (WABI) - Materials Needed:
Balloon, plastic cups, water
Attached a cup to a balloon: Blow up a balloon so that it is still small, apple size. Pinch the end of the balloon. Next wet the rim of a plastic cup, and then press the rim against the balloon. Slowly inflate the balloon and the cup will gradually stay in place without being held. Repeat these steps to see if you can attach more than 1 cup onto the balloon.

The experiment is all about air pressure! At first, the balloon fills space within the cup pressed against it. As the balloon inflates, it is less curved—and less of the balloon is inside the cup. So there is now more space for the air molecules and the air pressure inside the cup reduces. The air pressure on the outside is now higher than the air pressure inside the cup. The difference of pressure cause the cup to be pushed into the balloon! Try to see if you can get 1, 2, 3 or even 5 cups to attach!
This activity ties into the Challenger Learning Center of Maine, where students experience a newfound excitement for science, technology, engineering and math.
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