Challenger Experiment: Newton's First Law

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Today's Challenger experiment is teaching us about Newton's First Law of Motion, the law of inertia.

Materials Needed: 1 hard-boiled egg and 1 raw egg (same size and color)

Test your eggs: Begin this experiment by hard-boiling one egg (12 mins.) and then letting it cool. You can begin the experiment when the hard-boiled egg and the raw egg are at the same temperature. Mix up the eggs so you can't tell which one is which.

Begin testing to see whether the egg is raw or hard-boiled by spinning one egg on its side. Observe the rotation and take note if there is any "wobbling" during the rotations. Next, with the gentle touch of a finger, try to stop the egg from spinning.

Once you release your finger, does the egg stop right away or does it continue to slightly spin? Repeat this testing with the other egg. Note the differences you have observed.

Can you guess which egg is the raw egg? Are you confident enough to break the hard-boiled egg over your head?

You can see the science behind the experiment here:

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