Challenger Center hosts Makerspace and Tech Sale

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The Challenger Learning Center of Maine hosted their second annual Makerspace event.

Exhibitors were on hand for a day full of small workshops and activities.

The idea is to encourage participants to try some of the projects in the hopes they can do them at home themselves.

They host these events twice a year.

"I think out of all our exhibitors only one is a repeat. Everybody else is new. Word-of-mouth or just contacting and asking "Hey, why don't you come to show what you do?" It's been fun to get some new people in the building and expand our offering. Our numbers are better than we expected and we think that cold weather has brought everybody in. It's something fun to get out and do as opposed to sitting at home on a day where it's freezing cold outside."

This year, the center added this new element- a tech sale.