Celebrating 25 years of community service

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BANGOR, Maine. (WABI) - This morning we are joined by Maryalice Crofton, Executive Director of Maine Commission for Community Service and Jason Aylmer - Admissions Department for the graduates of UMaine

On Friday October 11th the Maine Commission for Community Service, Maine AmeriCorps Alums and the Maine Volunteer Foundation will celebrate 25 years of service with a celebration at the Waterville Opera House.

In 1994, two volunteer initiatives were launched in Maine: AmeriCorps and the Maine Commission for Community Service. Over the last 25 years, the commission has awarded nearly 32.2 million dollars to Maine organizations to support service by AmeriCorps members.
Regional AmeriCorps programs have also sent members to serve in Maine.
Since 1991, 6800 Maine residents have served in AmeriCorps and another 1400 have come to Maine to serve our communities. They spent more than 13 million hours helping children, families, seniors, schools, nonprofits, parks, municipalities, law enforcement, and conservation organizations. As a result of their service, they earned over 31 million dollars in education award to support post-secondary education.